Welcome to xw, the crossword / cryptoquote helper. Above, you can enter a pattern of letters and dots (eg. te.t) to indicate known and unknown letters. Hit enter to match this against a word list. In basic mode, the unknown letters can be anything. This is suitable for regular crossword puzzles. In advanced mode, it requires each unknown letter to be one that isn’t already present in the word or a matched unknown letter from somewhere else in the word. So a pattern of ..d.t. will match update but not oddity or unduty. If you know that two or more unknown letters are the same you can use digits to represent that. For example 1.d1t. will match unduty but not update because the letters in the 1 positions need to be the same. This mode is suitable for cryptoquotes or clueless crosswords. Also there is a history of your recent searches available if you use the up / down arrows on your keyboard or the buttons to the right of the text entry field.